Hospital waste

Hazardous waste

Animal carcasses / slaughterhouse waste

Incinis is your qualified partner for incinerators to eliminate all sorts of waste at capacities from 5 to 500 kg/h (slaughterhouse waste up to 900 kg/h).

Incinis stands for a maximum of long-life cycle, energy efficiency, safety, environmental protection and ease of operation.

Incinerator Technology

The incinerators combine the principles of natural draft with modern incinerator technology and thus dispose of major advantages:


The double-chamber incinerators are manufactured of high quality steel and the steel casing is lined with a multilayer insulation. Particular attention is given to the refractory material applied to the incinerators. Refractory of high density is used (heat resistant up to 1600°C) which guarantees perfect heat insulation and protection against corrosion due to aggressive components in the flue gas. The results are a long-life cycle of the incinerator and low operational costs.

The incinerators are operated with most efficient low-NOx burners of Weishaupt (natural gas, fuel oil, dual fuel burners).

Heat Recovery – Waste to Energy

Hot gases which are produced during the incineration process can be fed into heat recovery systems. The energy which is produced can be used for generation of hot water, steam and electricity.

hot water generation up tp 6 bar, 120 °C
steam generation up to 40 bar, 400 °C
hot air systems up to 600°C

Flue Gas Cleaning – Environmental Technology

When incinerating waste noxious substances may be produced depending on the composition of the waste. These require an additional cleaning of the flue gases.

Incinis offers the options of a

This means that components in the exhaust gas which are harmful to health and to the environment, such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrochloric acid (HCl), fluorine (HF), heavy metals are filtered out as they cannot be eliminated by pure oxidation in the thermal after-burner chamber. As a next step nitrogen oxide can be reduced to a minimum by means of a SCR-system.

The clean exhaust air complies with the most stringent environ-mental guidelines as per EU directive 2000/76/EC and German 17.BImSchV and can be released into the atmosphere without any concerns.

Auxiliary Equipment – Accessories

Incinis incinerators can be equipped with a wide range of accessories:

Project Solutions – Special Solutions

Incinis is your competent partner for realization of comprehensive projects. We provide support during the planning phase (e.g. licences), we assist you during the realization phase of the project and supply spare parts and service after completion of the project.

We offer solutions for:

Incinerators Overview

hospital waste hazardous waste animal carcasses
type capacity type capacity type capacity
K-5 5 kg/h S-20 20 kg/h T-75 100 kg/h
K-10 10 kg/h S-50 50 kg/h T-150 200 kg/h
K-20 20 kg/h S-100 100 kg/h T-300 450 kg/h
K-50 50 kg/h S-200 200 kg/h T-300 450 kg/h
K-75 75 kg/h S-300 300 kg/h
K-100 100 kg/h S-500 500 kg/h
K-200 200 kg/h
K-300 300 kg/h
K-500 500 kg/h

INCINIS – Worldwide!

Complete satisfaction of our customers all over the world is a matter of particular concern of our company!

Orders are carried out with greatest care; transport and shipping solutions are developed individually.

Installation and commissioning are carried out by our assembly personnel within a short time.

A continuously growing network of representatives and service points having well trained personnel at their command is a guarantor of fast reaction if required.